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Smoothie nectarines

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This week’s recipe inspiration is driven by a lack of time as we head for Christmas, my love for local fresh fruit and vegetables and good healthy eating of whole raw local produce! See below for all the detail.

Hungry? Thirsty? Need a quick on the go breakfast or lunch? Need to cool down? Want to lose weight and/or build some muscle? Smoothies are genuinely (without fad or favour) the REAL deal in solving all of these problems, AND all at once. If you haven’t yet ventured into this area, please do pop into your local discount store and get a smoothie blender (mine was $25 at Big W), then let your creativity take over…your body will love you for it!

  • I like to make my smoothies with fruit/veg ingredients in threes, keeping the ingredients fairly simple and allowing some of the dominant flavours to come through. 

  • My favourite fast smoothie (no cutting or chopping) at the moment is 1/3 Strawberries (any berries will do, leaf attached and all), some frozen Cauliflower or Broccoli (I just steamed florets, then when just tender allowed to cool and into the freezer – you can do the same with Banana, Mango, Chopped up Kale, Chopped spinach, Celery, Par cooked Carrot, even Sweet Potato!) and then some stewed apple and pear (I added cinnamon and all spice when stewing – then cooled and kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks)

  • add to this a handful of chopped frozen Kale and some fresh nuts (I like Almonds and Walnuts), a generous sprinkling of Chia seeds (Omega 3’s!) and 2 -3  scoops of Whey protein powder. The protein powder is optional but I find it really helps keep me going till the next meal without the need to snack.

  • Add to this some coconut water (normal water is also just fine) or Yogurt or lite milk and turn into a delicious blended mixture! It is so Yumm and makes you feel amazing!


The naughty option! – If you are making the smoothies on a non-work day – add some Apple Cider – it’s so delicious! You can also enjoy the rest of the bottle later without any guilt!

Have a great week ahead and happy local food eating.

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