Local Farmers

  • 2960 Pakenham Road Koo Wee Rup, 398
  • (03) 5942 6217

Joe Vizzarri

Vizzarri Asparagus farm, Koo Wee Rup.

The Vizzarri family have lived in the Koo Wee Rup area since 1971, Parents Mario and Gina having previously been dairy farmers in South Gippsland.

The Vizzarris started packing locally grown broccoli in 1981 when dairying was phased out. Because of the uncertainty of supply of product the decision to go into asparagus growing was made in the late 1980s when the family began acquiring more farmland. Steady growth and expansion over the years has resulted in the Vizzarri operation becoming one of the most dynamic and professional farmers in the area.

  • 03 5977 5405
  • 220 Eramosa Rd W, Moorooduc VIC 3933, Australia

Lou and Maria Napolitano

Somerville Egg Farm, Somerville

Lou and Maria Napolitano are proud of their nutritious free range eggs. Lou’s passion and care on the farm, results in happy and healthy free range chickens. The result is flavour filled, fresh, local Sunrise free range eggs. They are great supporters of Amalocal as it fits their farming philosophy of local food for local tables!

Lou’s hens are free to roam during the day, foraging, socialising and eating natural grasses, insects and feeds.

  • 03 9580 6592
  • 19-23 Japaddy St, Mordialloc VIC 3195, Australia

Jason and Catherine Jenner

Uncle Johns Licorice, Mordialloc

This hard working husband and wife team make a delicious traditional batch style licorice. Made with molasses and extract of licorice root, creating the taste and texture of a truly old fashioned traditional licorice. It’s also local, 99% Fat Free, Cholesterol Free and has absolutely no artificial colours or flavours.

Jason and Catherine also make a delicious Chocolate coated licorice, see it on the Amalocal order list and give it a try…its so moreish!

  • Brighton, Victoria, Australia 3186

Rick and Ebony Butler

Butler Family Market Gardens, Heatherton

Siblings Rick and Ebony are 6th generation local Bayside vegetable farmers and we are extremely proud and delighted to be able to offer their produce directly to you. A young and dynamic brother and sister duo, they pride themselves on growing the freshest and tastiest seasonal vegetables for their local Bayside community.

The Butler family grow beautiful Spring Onions, Asian vegetables, Lettuce and Herbs. Located in Heatherton, the farms close proximity to Bayside allows the very freshest seasonal produce to be home delivered.

Like Amalocal, Butler Market Gardens is committed to sustainability and a cleaner, better, healthier, environment.  In recent years the family have developed a new washing system for its vegetables that has reduced the farms drinking water needs by more than 95%.