The Amalocal Story

Amalocal grew out of a desire to be able to enjoy, delicious, value for money, seasonal, farm fresh local produce, directly from our local Bayside farming families, every week.

Meet Don, our Amalocal director

We are passionate about seasonal local produce, from our local bayside farms.  This is why:


  • Buying local produce supports hard working local farmers, producers and bakers in our Bayside community. This also ensures our local farmland isn’t developed and stays viable for agriculture.
  • Local food is always fresher. Produce from further away, spends days in transit and may have been cold-stored for weeks. Fresh local food is picked fresh and delivered directly to your home.
  • Local food simply tastes better – its juicier, crunchier, fresher AND has a higher nutritional value.
  • Local is more sustainable. Eating local reduces transport food miles significantly, creating less pollution in our beautiful beach-side suburbs, and generates less waste as fresher produce lasts longer.
  • Buying local food keeps us in touch with where our food comes from and allows us to eat with the seasons, giving our bodies the right type of foods at the right time.
  • Buying locally grown produce makes for a great mealtime story (for all the story tellers out there!).  Whether it’s a Savage family grown, fresh Carrot bunch, or Farmer Lou’s Peninsula Fresh Free Range Eggs – knowing the people, places and stories behind our local food adds to the fun and enjoyment of a meal.