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Bayside Thursday this week 

for all deliveries this week to Brighton, Bentleigh, Caulfield, Carnegie, St Kilda, Cheltenham, Heatherton, Hampton East, Highett, Parkdale, Mentone

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Bayside Friday this week 

for all deliveries this week to Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock and Beaumaris

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Please Click here to see our price promise.       How it all works is listed below!

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  1. Each Sunday, after an update from our local farmers on what’s in season, what’s eating well and what’s new for the week, the updated Amalocal produce list is compiled and sent out via email. See above for this weeks ordering list.
  2. Orders can then be placed, via email between Sunday and Tuesday night each week for deliveries on either Thursday or Friday, depending on your Bayside delivery address.  Click here for our contact details.
  3. NEW ORDERS – If your order is a new order, we will follow up with a phone call to confirm your address, provide a specific delivery day and time and ascertain your preferred payment method, whether EFT, Credit Card or Cash.
  4. Each Thursday and Friday morning, your farm fresh produce is picked and collected from our local Bayside farms and delivered to your door the same afternoon. Its the freshest produce you can get!
  5. Deliveries are free of charge and no minimum order amount is required.
  6. Orders can be fully customised to suit your needs and preferences.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.